2-Piece Grindhouse Grinder


Small & PortableMagnetic ClosurePremium Quality Aluminum


Constructed from premium quality aluminum, this 2-piece Grindhouse Grinder features a magnetic closure and precision diamond shaped cutting teeth, allowing for an effortless and consistent grind. Additionally, it’s small, compact size lends itself well to overall portability, so you can take it anywhere you vape. The 2-Piece Grindhouse Herb Grinder grinds dry herb down to finer consistency for better vaporization. By thoroughly grinding dry herb, the Grindhouse Grinder creates more surface area for each bowl, enabling even and thorough vaporization that extracts the most out of your herb.


The high grade aluminum build of the Grindhouse Herb Grinder is solid, concentrate-resistant, and ready to roll on any adventure. Much stronger than wooden or plastic grinders, the Aluminum Grindhouse Grinder is the ideal companion for those who want a thorough grind on-the-go. You’ll never have to worry about breaking your grinder if you drop it, or having to replace your herb grinder if the teeth wear down. The super strong aluminum teeth of the Grindhouse Grinder break down dry herb into a fine powder in no time. The Aluminum Grindhouse Grinder is built to last and perform on a high level.


The Aluminum Grindhouse Grinder features a magnetically attached lid, making it easy to open and close the grinder. While most herb grinders feature a threaded connection, the Grindhouse Herb Grinder simply snaps together, ensuring faster, easier herb grinding.


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