Chanterelle Mushrooms

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The highly prized Saskatchewan chanterelle mushroom is wild foraged for a limited season in North America. Because this mushroom grows on moss and favors shady spots under pine trees it is remarkably clean. Enjoy the slightly spicy, intense flavor and fruity aromas that evoke apricots by preparing chanterelles simply with butter, cream, salt, and pepper. They naturally pair with chicken, pork, veal, and egg dishes, and are quite versatile.

Chanterelle mushrooms shouldn’t be rinsed. Instead use a brush, cloth, or damp paper towel to remove any particles. Lightly clean the surface and trim the ends. Store unused mushrooms in the refrigerator in a paper bag or the box they came in. The delicate flavor of chanterelles is complemented by butter, cream, and mild cheeses. They’re excellent alongside poultry, game birds, pork, rabbit, and veal. Chanterelles are also wonderful in pasta, egg dishes, and vegetable sautés.


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