Cobra Pink Kush


Fully charged vape pen pre filled with high quality cannabis concentrates. Great vapor quality with smoothness and taste showcasing each strain. 100+ puffs with no mess! We always carry 2 sizes of your favorite strains, both Indicia and Sativa, Hybrid. The pen comes fully charged. No cables and no waiting. This single use battery with one pull and it is ready to go. How to Use:
1. Slowly draw vapor from the pen for 2-3 seconds. Hold without exhaling for 3-5 seconds.
2. Wait a few moments. Full effects will be delayed, so start with only a few draws per session.

  • THC:75%
  • CBD:1%
  • Type:Hybrid
Marijuana Vape

10 Bottles, 15 Bottles, 5 Bottles


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