Fruity Pebbles OG

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If you’re looking for a kids snack, you’ve come to the wrong place. Yet, after a few puffs of Fruity Pebbles OG, you might eat all the snacks in the cupboard.

Fruity Pebbles OG, also known as FPOG, is a hybrid strain made by the Alien Genetics team. It was originally an exclusive, limited edition strain. But, thanks to modern-day cloning techniques, the strain is now available.

Many strains throughout the days have taken the Fruity Pebbles label, more often than not for their sweet and fruity scent. Most of these strains were not Fruity Pebbles. The FPOG we know and love today derives from a three way of strains. Alien Genetics bred a female Green Ribbon and Granddaddy Purple strain, then crossed the resulting plant with Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. If you’re a little lost it’s ok, not often do strains have a family tree this out of whack!

After all, even with all this cross-breeding, what matters is the quality. And Fruity Pebbles does not fail in this department.


At first glance, the strain looks like many others with it’s light green, semi-dense buds. But, the strain didn’t get its name for its appearance, it’s all about the fragrance and flavor.

As you open the bag, an overwhelming tropical scent escapes and fills the air. A hint of sweetness cascades the citrus, increasing its attachment to the candy cereal it’s named after.

While smoking the strain also produces a sweet and tropical taste, a hint of hash and spice hits the palate. The strain is an easy smoke, making it ideal for newbies and pro’s alike.

Fruity Pebbles OG

FPOG is a hybrid in the truest fashion. What else can you expect from a flower that’s the calculated offspring of 4 different strains? Moments after consuming, warm tingling sensations running down the body. Almost like putting on a thick down jacket. As the high progress, the cerebral effects begin.

Most people will experience a mental high similar to Blue Dream‘s psychedelic experience. While not so out of this world, the consensus is the strain produces an enhanced perception of the senses. Many creatives or those wanting to open up their artistic side opt to explore FPOG. Open your valve of imagination and let it pour.

Once the mental activity has begun, it’s soon joined by the giggles. It’s almost impossible to not laugh your face off. Of course, it’s fun to do so by yourself, but it’s best enjoyed with good company in a social setting.

Even though Fruity Pebbles is often used as a recreational strain, medical patients with chronic pain also take to it. The sedating effects are strong enough to numb the pain, but not so much to create a couch-lock effect. There is no recommended time of use for this strain, so play around and see when it works best for you!


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