Our product contains all natural CBD and is 100% legal to buy and sell within the US and most other countries. Full spectrum hemp CBD may contain small trace levels of THC (less than 0%), which should not cause you to fail most forms of a drug tests. Our CBD is harvested from Europe and does not contain any pesticides, fungi, bacteria, or residual contaminate solvents. All forms of CBD are safe to consume for adults, children and even pets. A medical card is not required to purchase CBD, making it available to everyone 18 years or older.

Current Flavors with Description/Ingredients:

Final Lap

Octane Booster – Peach, Green Tea, Mint + CBD, VG, and PG

“The final course is dessert, and it’s served. Enjoy flavors of ripe strawberries, rich creams and decadent cake.”

Octane Booster

“Be ready to face any day, with the smooth flavors of peach, green tea with mint.”


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