Purple Skunk

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Make some plans and get ready to have some fun with this uplifting favorite amongst highly active users. Like to smoke, but can’t be weighed down? Purple Skunk by Dutch Passion is your bud. This sativa-dominant lady crosses Skunk 1 and Old Purple to give you an energy-boosting high worthy of a day in the sun.

Purple Skunk delivers high THC levels, averaging 19% or more, and an 85/15 blend gifting users with an upbeat, albeit intense, high. The small to medium-sized nugs are rich in purple color with a delicious wine like berry taste and a pungent skunky aroma. These dank buds are perfect when paired with a grape blunt wrap, and can please even the most discerning of cannabis connoisseurs.

Users can enjoy a full body rush with Purple Skunk, packed with invigorating tingles and a tireless high that in most cases will last all day. This bud is best smoked in the morning or midday when you’re in need of that extra giddy-up and just can’t make it through the day alone. Though the body high is most apparent, the head high is not to be forgotten, with a light airy buzz and imparting a cheerful demeanor. Take this strain outdoors and enjoy the added moxie in your day.

For users that require a bit of extra love in the feels department, Purple Skunk is a great alternative to big pharma. With mood-enhancing properties, this strain is perfect for those who suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, or stress disorder as it washes away worry and gives you the added energy to get through your day with vigor. Those that suffer from chronic pain have also reported that the numbing effect in this strain was quite effective and welcome.

Cultivating Purple Skunk is a great choice for growers of all experience levels as it flowers in both inside or outside temperatures. Growers often prefer to keep the plants outside because of their strong, pungent odor, however, if you live in hotter temperatures you may want to keep this Oregon beauty indoors as she appreciates a brisk climate.

If you want to have a productive day filled with activity and fun, this all day bud is a great choice. Between the sweet berry wine on the tongue, the earthy dank flavors in the nose, and the deep purples hues that make it so easy on the eyes, it’s no wonder Purple Skunk is so loved by all.


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