R2 Slim Vaporizer

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For those who need a stealthier vape for waxy oils comes one of the slimmest, most compact vape pens yet, the R2 Slim Vaporizer. #ThisThingRips has a penchant for pocket-friendly vapes that pack a punch. With the R2 Slim vape pen, they’ve delivered once more. The R2 Slim vaporizer features a ceramic rod atomizer, rare for slim vape pens, that heats wax concentrates slowly at a gradual temperature increase that minimizes combustion for smooth, tasty rips. In a world of compact vape pens, the R2 Slim by #ThisThingRips is the most compact. You can hide this vaporizer pen in your hand while you vape, and it won’t weigh heavy in your pant pocket while you carry it around. Simple operation, a sleek look, and excellent vapor production make the R2 Slim the ultimate wax pen for vaping on your feet.


The R2 Slim vape pen is super compact, weighing well under what many of the most discreet wax pens put on the scale. You can easily conceal the R2 Slim wax pen in your hand while you take rips, and you won’t even notice it’s in your pocket. This vape pen is ideal for those who find themselves vaping on their feet and in public more often than not. You can enjoy your favorite waxy oil concentrates without having to worry about drawing attention to yourself or lugging around a clunky vaporizer. The R2 Slim vape’s discreet pen-style design looks just like an ecigarette, adding a level of stealth to your wax vaping sessions. The rubberized surface feels solid yet comfy in your grip, and the bright green detailing is reminiscent of #ThisThingRip’s sleek R2 Series vape pen.


Like the best vape pens on the planet, the R2 Slim features a ceramic rod atomizer that vaporizes wax concentrates efficiently for comfortable, flavor-rich rips. Ceramic is inert, so when the R2 Slim chamber heats your waxy oils, it won’t “rub off” on the flavor and scent of the vapor. The R2 Slim vaporizer delivers surprisingly big, yet smooth draws that defy its small stature. Wax enthusiasts with no patience for harsh rips or big vapes that burden your pocket will find satisfaction and ease with the R2 Slim.


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