Rest your body and reap the rewards with SFV OG Kush, the seriously chill evening strain.

SFV OG Kush is an Indica cross between popular SFV OG and Afghani Kush from The Cali Connection.

It’s predecessor, SFV OG, is a staple in San Fernando Valley region of California, where it first made its debut.

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains in North America. To date, many crossbreeds have hit the shelves of dispensaries. Some better than others, but SFV OG Kush is a slam dunk.


SFV OG Kush looks like your typical OG Kush, with dark green, dense and sticky buds that give off a skunky fragrance. SFV Kush also features a fruity and piney nose that is consistent with its flavor. Most users will say the smoke is on the heavier side, so smoking blunts and L-papers may be out of the question.

SFV OG Kush Effects + Benefits

When people think of California, they picture a sun-soaked paradise with laidback vibes. Like a dog takes after its owner, SFV OG is a reflection of its motherland.

This Indica is the definition of a creeper. Pulling off the lot like a snail, it slowly ascends into an uplifting high. Finding amusement in everything is easy, almost as if life becomes juvenile.

But, with its OG Kush and Afghani lineage, the sedation is a crucial factor. A calm wave sweeps over the body as flesh droops and becomes heavy. An overwhelming satisfaction for the moment grows. And like the late, great Bob Marley said, “everything is going to be alright.” This peaceful bliss lasts for hours, leading to tired eyes and a hunger for sleep.

SFV Kush’s body stone is ideal for relieving pain from injury, overuse or age. As well, it’s euphoric effects help deal with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Not only does it aid with the

before mentioned, but it also helps insomniacs fall asleep.


1 Oz, 1 pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1/8 pound


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