Afghan Kush


 Buy Afghan Kush Strain. With the abundance of strains available on the market, knowing what their effects are is becoming a tricky game. Crossbreeds have flooded the market, and with it comes uncertainty. Not with Afghan Kush, the legendary strain that’s perfect as is.

From the pure Indica family, Afghan Kush Strain hails from the renowned Hindu Kush mountains. It’s easy to tell it keeps its roots from the natural, earth-like scent. A whiff of this bud feels like standing on a tree-covered cliff, overlooking vast green valleys.

Speaking of the scent, if you’ve ever found yourself in the presence of hash, then it’ll be familiar. Afghan is well known for producing grade AAA Afghani Hash, a well-travelled and known variety.

Smoking Afghan Kush Strain has 2 modes, knocked out and stairway to heaven. Used in low doses, the effects are uplifting and euphoric, creating a blissful vibe that carries on for hours. However, if you punch above your weight, you could find yourself stuck to the couch with no hope in sight of leaving.

Seasoned cannabis users often express this strain to be perfect for the nighttime. Much better than the typical nightcap and decreases sleeping pill consumption. Consume 1 hour before going to bed for the best sleep of your life.

If you’re inviting friends over, plan on having a stocked cupboard and fridge. And by stocked, the doors should be busting off the hinges. A couple of joints of Afghan Kush and the stomach starts rumbling like a race car ready to get off the line. This makes it great for chemotherapy patients and those suffering from anorexia.

Many strains come and go, never making it back onto the shelves of a dispensary for lack of quality and aesthetic. Not Afghan Kush Strain, the classic strain that is forever loved by marijuana users from all over the world.

Have you tried it yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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