Purple Urkle


We all know the loveable nerd Urkle, but have you met his cool cousin, Purple Urkle? If not, you’re in for a sweet treat.

Purple Urkle is an Indica strain with a hazy history. Not in a sense, it’s descendent of haze varieties, but that it’s lineage is unknown.

Growers have attempted to track down its lineage to no avail, but it’s thought that Purple Urkle is a descendant of either Mendocino Purps or Grand Daddy Purple.

Regardless of where it came from, we’re happy to have it here with us today.



As you may have gathered, Purple Urkle is a purple coloured strain; shocker! The Indica bud is tight and tends to be leafy, and also covered in long, orange hairs.

Right away, you’ll also notice the blanket of trichomes as they shine under any light.

Purple Urkle packs an interesting profile, boasting a sweet, grapelike flavour with a skunky aftertaste.

When the strain is being smoked, the fresh smell of grapes fills the room.

While it’s easy to get lost in the strains aesthetics, its primary selling point is the down to earth high.


Purple Urkle Effects + Benefits

Purple Urkle doesn’t only taste great; it smacks you in the face with an uber-relaxing high. It’s generally regarded as a night time use strain, but those with high tolerances may find it useful during the day as well.

From the onset, Purple Urkle delivers body-melting sedation. It’s the ideal strain to relax at night and pretends that you’re on vacation. Or if you’re lucky enough to bring it on holiday with you, it’s a double win!

Once you’ve hit peak relaxation, a wave of euphoria begins. Sour moods of any sort vanish, as do stressful thoughts.

Not only does it make any night a great night, but it’s also used medicinally around North America.

Its sedation is ideal for easing the body of any chronic pain you may be experiencing. As well it works wonders in ridding stress and depression.

Most notably, users find after smoking; they have the best sleep of their life.

Purple Urkle is a fist full of fun. If you’ve never tried it, what are you waiting for?


1 Oz, 1 pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1/8 pound


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