Romulan is the Top-Shelf Indica that invigorates like a fresh spring morning. Unwinding the layers of stress and depression that have piled on.

Romulan is a potent Indica named after a race of aliens from the T.V. show “Star Trek.” Unfortunately, its origins are murky, but it seems to originate from the Pacific North West of Canada.

Regardless of its lineage, the strain is a favourite of Canadians and Americans alike.


Romulan features a lovely pine scent that lifts spirits, along with an earthy after-tone. The dense buds also give off a peppery nose when squeezed. Smoking a joint or bowl of Romulan releases a hint of citrus, but its pine and herbal overtones are most noticeable.

Romulan Effects + Benefits

Romulan begins with a powerful rush of cerebral energy, putting its users into a state of bliss. As an anti-depressive, a couple hits from Romulan work better than any doctor prescribed medication. Even Oscar the Grouch would be singing Bob Marley.

The mentally invigorating benefits are good enough to call Romulan one of the best strains to grace this land. But, what if we told you that while your mind is at ease, so is your entire body?

A stiff body is nothing to play with. Under extreme stress, muscles tighten up and refuse to let go. The pain becomes unbearable, and every movement feels like it might be your last. Shooting a basketball or pushing a shopping cart is out of the question. Or better to say, it was out of the question.


1 Oz, 1 pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1/8 pound


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